1. Ingrid, B.

Attorney Daniel Ogden and his staff were such a help during my estate/will planning. I contacted a couple of attorneys and simply did not feel comfortable using them. Not so with Mr. Ogden. He was thorough and knowledgeable, making us feel very comfortable and secure in the decisions we made regarding our estate planning. I highly recommend his practice!

2. Stewart W.

I decided I needed to set up a Revocable Living Trust in 2013. As I researched law firms, I felt from talking to Daniel Ogden, one of the attorneys in a family-owned business, that I would receive a level of service that would meet or exceed my expectations and get the job done. After consulting with the Ogden Law Firm, PC attorneys, I immediately found that both Ralph and Daniel were keyed in on exactly what I needed in the Trust. Their combined experience and professionalism was impressive and I knew I had made the right choice.

In short order, they completed the Living Trust and to my complete satisfaction. We tied an Advanced Health Directive and Durable Power of Attorney in with the Trust, which resulted in a 100% coverage of end of life concerns that one should always consider in setting up a Living Trust or other Estate Plan.

This is a trustworthy and honorable law firm and I don’t give out those types of compliments easily. I liked the fact that I was dealing with a family-owned business that cared about pleasing their client, first and foremost. I feel with other law firms that you might get an initial first impression and then find that you are quickly lost in the shuffle, unless you aggressively push for expedient results.

The Ogden Law Firm, PC can be summarized as being honest, accurate, highly professional, competent, friendly, good communicators and loyal to their clients. I strongly recommend the firm for any of their services and feel I made the right choice in using the Ogden Law Firm, PC for my Revocable Living Trust.