Practice Areas

Located in Modesto, Ogden Law Firm, PC has over 35 years of collective experience in all aspects of Estate Planning, Business law, Real Estate Law, Probate Law and Collection Law.

While we take on cases in a variety of areas, our law practice generally includes the following areas of law:

Real Estate Law

Similarly, as Modesto real estate lawyers, we help clients navigate the complex word of real estate transactions. We draft and review purchase and sale agreements, exchange agreements, commercial and agricultural leases, and many other types of leases. We resolve landlord-tenant disputes, file unlawful detainer actions, assist clients in 1031 tax deferred exchanges (including reverse exchanges and related party exchanges), foreclosure proceedings and much more. Visit our Real Estate Law page for more information.

Estate Planning

As estate planning attorneys, we draft and review clients' Wills, Trusts, Durable Powers of Attorney and Advanced Health Care Directives. We help clients minimize and reduce their estate and gift tax consequences of their current estate plans and much more. Visit our Estate Planning page for more information.

Business Law

We also help clients form new business entities, such as limited liability companies (LLC's), partnerships, and corporations. We assure that your assets are protected in the proper business entity. In addition, we help clients draft and review contracts. Visit our Business Law page for more information.

Probate Law

As experienced Probate Law attorneys, we can help you navigate the difficult court procedures in a probate or administration proceeding. Probate is a difficult time for everyone, but an Ogden Law Firm, PC attorney can guide you through this process to ensure an efficient and effective resolution. Visit our Probate Law page for more information.

Debt Collections

In addition, we help clients obtain and enforce money judgments against their debtors. We handle bank levies and wage garnishments. Further, we assist clients with bankruptcy claims and related debt collections. Visit our Debt Collections page for more information.

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