Land Use and Development Law

Ogden Law Firm, PC has extensive experience in development law, as Modesto attorney Ralph Ogden has both represented developers and is also a commercial developer himself. Thus, when you need an experienced attorney who knows the stringent requirements, contact an attorney at the Ogden Law Firm, PC.

We understand the number of requirements that must be satisfied to build a commercial structure or residence. For example, there will be government obstacles that a property owner must overcome in addition to potential neighborhood opposition that can stall you from obtaining the development approvals you need to proceed.

Unlike many other areas of law, in land use and development law there are municipal codes and standards that in some cases are subjectively applied by the planners reviewing your matter, which can stall or delay a development project. In such situations, the property owner can be subject to expensive successive proposal requests from the government without any assurances or feedback as to what would be acceptable.

Because Ogden Law Firm, PC has decades of experience in land use, property law, and development law, we have the ability to deliver results for the property owner. We have represented clients in building departments, planning departments, city councils, board of supervisors, and cities and counties.

If you have questions, contact us today to speak with an attorney at Ogden Law Firm, PC. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your rights and remedies and help you move on with your development project.