Estate Planning

Careful and creative estate planning is crucial to preserving your wealth for your family’s future. Whether or not you realize it, you have an estate that will be subject to default laws of taxation and distribution that may not align with how you desire your estate to be distributed. Moreover, your assets may be exposed to unanticipated traps that proper estate planning would eliminate.


Proper estate planning minimizes the risks of unwanted or unanticipated exposure of assets, allowing you to be assured that your family and heirs will be secure. Each estate plan needs to be individualized to suit your personal goals and as Modesto estate planning attorneys, we do exactly that.

Key to this process is our desire and skill in working with you and your other advisors, such as your CPA, your insurance agent, or your financial planner, who may also know your heart and your goals, so that your cherished values and goals can be carried out in your estate plan, your business plans, your real estate investments and holdings.

Our estate planning areas of practice include the following:

Whether or not you want to create a new living trust, will, or you want us to review your current estate plan, we can help tailor an estate plan for you to ensure you are protected.

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